Saturday, December 5, 2009

Top 50 Albums of the Decade - Part 2 (30-16)

Let's jump straight back in and continue the countdown (hopefully blogger won't screw around with text sizes this time).

30. A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step
29. Mouse on the Keys - An Anxious Object
28. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Yanqui U.X.O
Despite being Godspeed's worst release, Yanqui is still a powerful and moving album. 'Rocket Fall on Rocket Falls' in particular is a gorgeous track. For a band to be able to express just how pissed off they are without using any vocals whatsoever is quite an extraordinary feat.
27. Isis - Celestial
Deconstucting. Fucking. Towers. That is all.
26. Foetus - Flow
Despite a few 'dud' tracks, when J.G Thirwell gets it right, it's nothing short of spectacular.
25. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
24. Between the Buried and Me - Colors
Quite simply, an amazing achievement of progressive metal. It all seemed a little too sporadic and inconsistent at first, but slowly it all started to make sense and become one of the few not only listen-able, but good metalcore releases ever.
23. Boris with Merzbow - Rock Dream
Reviewed here though it's grown on me a lot since then.
22. World's End Girlfriend - Dream's End Come True
21. Radiohead - Amnesiac
Kid B you say? Bah, I say. This is a perfect complement to their 2000 masterpiece, though can stand perfectly fine on its own. Pyramid Song, Like Spinning Plates, Life in a Glasshouse, astounding.
20. The Antlers - Hospice
I don't think an album has ever made me cry as much as this one. Listening to the whole thing with lyrics handy is absolutely crushing.
19. Sunn O))) & Boris - Altar
As you probably know, I'm very much a fan of drone music. Well, this is the album that started it all. Retaining the distinctive sound of both bands, but still sounding completely unlike either have released (I've once heard it described as a bastard love child of the two bands that was beaten regularly during childhood), any lover of drone-doom can't not have this in their collection.
18. Earthless - Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky
17. Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm
Taking a 'less is more' approach, Neurosis deliver their best album yet.
16. The Ocean - Precambrian
I detest this adjective, but this album is truly deserving of the word epic. Two discs of pure joy.

Final instalment (15-1) will be posted whenever I get the time so hopefully some time over the next few days. What will be #1 (though if you know my music tastes even a little, you probably already know the answer to this question)?

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