Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I can do a v-review too, you know...

Inspired by Green Gravy (i.e. playjurised) I've decided to give vlogging a go. You'll need to turn up your volume to hear me due to my crappy laptop microphone. Anyhoo, this is my attempt at a review of the album Rock Dream by Bors with Merzbow.


  1. Try the Rock Band mic, however I found you need it close and on video that can look dumb, but it's good at getting rid of that 'noise'. Does your recording software save in a file WMM can use? Tweaking the sound volume should be easy then.

  2. Speak up, sonny. I like the way you talk. :D

    I wanna vlog. D:

    WV: Brous. You and Scott are Brous.