Sunday, November 8, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Obviously I'm not referring to the one year anniversary of this blog, which is about 9 months old (my, just where does the time go?..). What I mean is that it has now been roughly a year since I started seriously listening to and finding new music. Over that year, my library has expanded from about 1000 songs to over 3200 and I can guarantee that every song that's been added would have been listened to at least 5 or 6 times over the course of the year (except Brand New, who suck). Many new bands have been discovered, some have been rediscovered but, really, I think I've just learned to appreciate music as a whole so much more. I, quite literally, can't picture my life without it.

Anyway, to commemorate this, here are the top artists and albums that I've listened to over the last 12 months according to my If you see anything that interests you, I very much encourage you to check it out, it's all great.

Top Artists:

With a play count that is almost double second place, it's pretty clear that Boris have been a substantial part of my life of recent. From the slow build-ups and godly climaxes of their drone pieces, to their innovative hard rock, Boris are hard to top.

Seriously good sludge/post metal. I've yet to find an album by them that I didn't like. Encompasses the harshness and brutality of Neurosis, but with atmospheric soundscapes usually seen in post rock. Yes.

Animal Collective
I always feel so tragically indie for liking Animal collective, but that doesn't stop them from making great freak-folk/noise pop music.

Skinny Puppy
Industrial music defined. Whether it be through the seedy darkness of ViviSectVi or the more rock(ish) feel of Too Dark Park, Skinny Puppy ooze awesome.

My Bloody Valentine
Loveless represents the pinnacle of shoegaze and is one of the greatest records of the nineties. Isn't Anything isn't too shabby either.

Godfathers of sludge metal, Neurosis have been churning out sonically amazing records since 1996's Through Silver In Blood; they haven't put a foot wrong since.

Naked City
Fast, frenzied and fucked up, Naked City mash jazz, grindcore and...pretty much any other genre you can think of into their usually <1min songs.

Sunn O)))

Top Albums:
(Keeping in mind that some of these are here due to their low track length/high number of tracks per album. In reality there'd be a lot more Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Boris at Last: -Feedbacker-)

A year ago, I would never have picked the kind of stuff that I currently listen to. Hence, I can't help but wonder the kind of stuff that I'll be recommending here come this time next year (though if it's crunkcore, I think it's time to take me out back Old-Yeller style).

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  1. Skinny Puppy IS awesome...Nivek Ogre and cEvin Key were way ahead of their time even in the very early 80's...